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Teacher's Guide to Copyright 3rd edition published!

The new multi-media third edition of the
Teacher’s Guide to Copyright is available on iBooks. It combines text, audio, video, graphics and sample contracts. It really is neat!
Download a free preview chapter on iBooks.

Teachers Guide to Copyright 3rd edition

The Internet is a copying machine

Several pundits have declared: “The Internet is a copying machine.” They’re right.

What teachers don’t realize is that the status of educator does not give them permission to copy everything, just because “it’s for school.”

Licenses for music used in movies & videos

Licenses with ASCAP, BMI & SESAC allow the performance of compositions on campus. These licenses do not apply to the creation of CDs or videos.

To add music to a movie or video, you need 2 licenses, a synchronization license from the publisher of the composition, AND a master use license from the owner of the sound recording (usually the record label).

The Harry Fox Agency issues synchronization licenses for compositions, but often it’s best to contact the publisher directly.
For the master use license, contact the record label directly, usually these licenses are handled by the “catalogue” or “special use” departments.

The publisher has the veto over the use of their composition. Thus, even if the label grants a master use license, the publisher must also grant a sync license to use the composition in the movie or video.

Making and distribution of a video which contains unlicensed copyrighted material is NOT protected by the TEACH Act.

Is 10% is Fair Use - NO

There is a misconception that Fair Use can be calculated by a percentage.

There is NO hard & fast rule for maximum time or percentage of the original used that entitles you to a claim of Fair Use. All Fair Use claims must be analyzed using the 4 part test under 17 USC §107.

3rd Edition

The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright needs a refresh. Lately I’ve been updating the 3rd edition as a mutimedia iBook. It will include music, videos, graphics and sample contracts.


I recently returned from the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association annual meeting in Nashville.
They are the organization for teachers in this field. For more info, go to:

MEIEA 2014

March 2014
Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association

MEIEA Summit 2014

Nashville, TN March 21 - 22, 2014