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I'm pleased to announce that the 2017 edition of SCBWI's The Book will contain a new section entitled Copyright for Writers and Illustrators. Sample contracts will also be included with the article. Those samples are also available on this site.

Bulk sales of Otto's book

otto at computers

If you're interested in bulk sales of Otto's book, please contact us.
Feel free to phone or email, but all of Otto’s calls go through me.

Otto & I thank you.

Otto T. Octopus

Mark J. Davis
(318) 773-7864

My first children's book

My first children's book
Otto the Octopus Goes to the Doctorpus is now available on Amazon.

Otto the Octopus loves doing everything a young octopus loves to do like skateboarding, riding his seahorse, searching for pirate treasure, ice skating (upside down) and swinging from the sea monkey bars.
He has 7 misadventures and breaks his legs, so he has to see the Doctorpus and the Sting-Radiologist who help him get better.
When his casts come off, physical therapy makes him stronger than before, so he can get back to playing tangleball and helping his mom cook minnow-stroni soup.

Baskerville 11 Published

The eleventh edition of the Music Business Handbook and Career Guide by Tim Baskerville has been released.

Check out the textbook at:

and the Companion Website for Students:

Baskerville 11

Finishing up the ancillary website for the Music Business Handbook and Career Guide by Tim Baskerville. This is the premier text in music industry studies, as is evident from its continuous publication since 1978. I'm grateful that SAGE Publishing Co. and Tim Baskerville approved my work for the 10th edition, and invited me to update the companion student website for the eleventh edition. Look for it in January of 2016.

Teacher's Guide to Copyright 3rd edition published!

The new multi-media third edition of the
Teacher’s Guide to Copyright is available on iBooks. It combines text, audio, video, graphics and sample contracts. It really is neat!
Download a free preview chapter on iBooks.

Teachers Guide to Copyright 3rd edition

3rd Edition

The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright needs a refresh. Lately I’ve been updating the 3rd edition as a mutimedia iBook. It will include music, videos, graphics and sample contracts.

Baskerville 10th edition

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide, Tenth Edition
By David Baskerville & Tim Baskerville (SAGE 2012)

This summer, I was contracted by SAGE Publishing Co. to update and extend the online ancillary material for the latest edition of the best selling and most comprehensive, up-to-date text in the music industry. Baskerville is the most widely used core textbook in courses such as Introduction to the Music Business, Music and Media, Music Business Foundations and survey courses.

Summer Updates

It’s been a busy summer this year. I’m proud to announce that our Legal Issues in the Music Industry book is #45 on Lulu’s all-time list of legal publications. Even more good news, The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright is now available on the iTunes Bookstore. This is our first publication to be available in print-on-demand, PDF instant download, Amazon Kindle, and ePub formats. - - MJD

ePub & Kindle

ePub & Kindle versions of Legal Issues in the Music Industry are in their final galley proofs. Look for them at & – MJD

Kindle price drop!

Prices have dropped to $9.99 for the Kindle version of The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright. – MJD

Legal Issues in the Music Industry published today!

I’m pleased to announce the publication of Buzzgig’s latest effort: Legal Issues in the Music Industry, published today on It is the culmination of 9 years of lectures to my class at Loyola University, New Orleans. – MJD

Legal Issues in the Music Industry

BuzzGig’s newest publication, Legal Issues in the Music Industry, is now in galley proofs, preparing for a January release. - - - MJD

Two Years Later

Two years ago we released the Complete Copyright Kit for Composers & Musicians, our first foray into e-publishing. Summer of 2008 saw the release of The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright in paperback, PDF, & Kindle editions. So, what’s next? I just finished the draft of Legal Issues in the Music Industry, based on the class I’ve been teaching at Loyola University since 2001. It covers copyright, music publishing, record labels, infringement, royalties, and a whole lot more. Unlike other books written by lawyers, it’s not boring. Keep tuned. - - - MJD

First Kindle Sale

The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright registered its first Kindle download this week.
What John Worthington says is true: “We live in a digital world, and teachers need to communicate in the same digital language as their students.” - - - MJD


The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright will soon be available on Amazon’s Kindle. - - -MJD


We’ve just received an ISBN number 978-0-615-25156-1 for The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright. This means that the book will be available from online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can still click the handy Lulu button to buy a hard copy or download. - - - MJD

PDF of NMC Princeton presentation

If you’d like a PDF of our presentation on Fair Use from the 2008 New Media Consortium meeting at Princeton in June, just e-mail me at

Teacher’s Guide to Copyright at

Many of you asked about making the Teacher’s Guide to Copyright available in hardcopy instead of just a download. I’ve spent this week working on the book & galley copies are on the way for final edits & approval. - - - MJD

Teacher’s Guide to Copyright

We are proud to announce our second publication: the Teacher’s Guide to Copyright.  It’s packed with info for educators on copyright, Fair Use, the TEACH Act.  There are sections on both traditional face-to-face and digital classrooms.  It also includes a handy checklist to guide teachers through Fair Use issues. - - MJD

COMING SOON: The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright

BuzzGig’s newest book, The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright, is in its final draft.  It will be posted here shortly.  The Teacher’s Guide covers everything an educator needs to know about copyright, Fair Use, and the TEACH Act, with special sections on the live classroom, the digital classroom, and Creative Commons.  We even include checklists for the do’s & don’ts of Fair Use & the TEACH Act.  - - MJD