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I recently returned from the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association annual meeting in Nashville.
They are the organization for teachers in this field. For more info, go to:

Going Strong

It’s been a busy spring semester for me. Over 70 students for my Legal Issues in the Music Industry class at Loyola Univ., and BPCC; plus a dozen more in Legal Issues 2. The Northeastern Univ. grad school class on copyright in distance learning starts this week, and I’ve been finishing up the Legal Issues text conversion from PDF to ePub iBook download format.


I received this message from the MERLOT Teacher Education Editorial Board today.
Dear Mr.Davis
Your scholarly work in instructional technology has been peer reviewed and published in MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching). The MERLOT project is an international initiative enabling faculty to integrate technology into higher education. MERLOT is supported by 27 systems and institutions of higher education as well as the National Science Foundation. MERLOT is also endorsed by Educational Learning Initiative (ELI) of EDUCAUSE. Over 150 faculty members from these institutions have been performing the peer review of instructional technology, modeled after the peer review process for research and scholarship.

Palm Beach School District

We’re pleased to announce that my New Media Consortium presentation Fair Use Ain’t What You Think It Is: Copyright and Fair Use in the Digital Classroom is now used in the copyright training course for the School District of Palm Beach County. Remember when it comes to copyright - we can help you, so DON’T PANIC. - - - MJD

Compressed Video Distance Learning

This semester I’ll be teaching my Legal Issues in the Music Industry course at Loyola University in New Orleans, and at Bossier Parish CC near Shreveport. Live classes will be held at BPCC & sent by compressed video to Loyola’s College of Business & their College of Music and Fine Arts. When I’m in New Orleans, I’ll teach live there and broadcast back to BPCC. The copyright and TEACH Act impact is that what a teacher can do in a live classroom isn’t automatically considered “fair use” when it’s sent over a digital network system like compressed video. Not to worry, I referred to The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright to answer a question that came up. - - - MJD

Back to School

It’s back to school time. Teachers are making their lesson plans & choosing media for their classes & online projects. It’s a perfect time to read The Teacher’s Guide to Copyright to answer all your questions. (I looked at it myself to answer a quick question that I had.) - - - MJD