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The Internet is a copying machine

Several pundits have declared: “The Internet is a copying machine.” They’re right.

What teachers don’t realize is that the status of educator does not give them permission to copy everything, just because “it’s for school.”

Fair Use Ain't What You Think It Is

I recently spoke at the New Media Consortium Summer 2008 Conference held at Princeton University.

Here's a link to the PDF of the Conference Proceedings:

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Teaching the TEACH Act

One thing I’ve learned from the MERLOT conference is that there is widespread confusion about what is and what is not “fair use”. It’s understandable. Some professors are overly cautious, fearful of infringing; and others are too cavalier. Most aren’t aware of the balance between exclusive rights and the free expression of ideas that is the philosophical foundation of copyright law. John & I hope to bridge the gap & give simple, practical answers to their copyright questions. We’re working on a glossary & some FAQ’s about copyright in general. We’ll then move on to more of the legal subtleties of Fair Use (17 USC §107 et. seq.) and the strictures of the TEACH Act (17 USC §110). Since the MERLOT conference two weeks ago, every educator with whom we’ve spoken has been enthusiastic about our project. Please let us know your thoughts. MJD